What strengths are within your community?

It is great to see a local community member Steve portray a different message in reference to living in social housing. ‘…There are a lot of good people living in that block’. This was in reference to a local paper referring to the block of units he lives in as a ‘living in hell’.

 Rather than tow the negative line, Steve focused on the positives, and boy doesn’t Steve have a lot of strengths!

 As Community Workers we all too well know the challenges some communities/families/individuals face. We don’t ignore this, however we also need to see the strengths/assets within our communities/families/individuals. This gives us hope and allows us to use this as a starting block to help facilitate positive changes.

 Sometime these changes come quick, others may take time, but let’s start to tell a different story. Let’s recognise and value these people and their journey within our communities.

 Let’s say thanks to the Ladies Sewing Circle who meet weekly. They provide friendship and laughter to otherwise socially isolated ladies.

 Let’s say thanks to the community gardeners who are reconnecting with the earth and people in ways which are transforming lives.

 What story do you have to tell?